Our Story

As it is with all inventions, it began with the need to find a "better way".

Like most people, I absolutely love a fire. Whether it is a campfire, fireplace or wood-stove there's just something hypnotic, almost therapeutic about a fire. Unfortunately, the labour and mess of having that cozy fire in your home is more than most people enjoy. It was the same for me.

I'd buy stove wood,
stack the stove wood,
carry in the stove wood,
...and of course, clean up after the stove wood.

Pellet stoves are beautiful but thousands of dollars to buy and install. There must be a better way! So began the quest to find a way of burning that same clean and convenient pellet fuel in my normal wood-stove. After many, many attempts using different shapes and materials, the Bradley Burner was born. The Bradley Burner doesn't contain the fuel: it works from within the fuel. Because of the way the ventilated stainless steel components are arranged in an intersecting pattern, air is allowed to flow throughout the mound thereby feeding the fuel with oxygen deep into the pile, and even after additional fuel has been added.

This design allows the user to enjoy the same cozy fires, without all the mess and hard labour.

You have enough to do. Having a cozy fire shouldn't be another chore.

The Bradley Burner is the solution.

Thank you. Have a safe and warm winter.

Bradley Charles Palmer. PMP
Inventor / Patent Holder