Frequently Asked Questions

How was this invented? / How does it work?

I began working on this idea years ago. Frustrated with piling, hauling and mess associated with firewood, I tried to burn pellets. But they'd only smoulder because oxygen couldn't get 'into' the mound of pellet fuel. So the quest began to try and find a way to allow air to flow throughout the mound of fuel. After many many, experiments, we finally got it! Because of the way the ventilated components are arranged in an intersecting pattern, air is allowed to flow throughout the mound thereby feeding the fuel, even after additional fuel has been added.

How do I install?

Just set into position in the center of your wood stove firebox & add pellet fuel. It's that easy.

How do I load? / How big is the initial load? / How do I load additional fuel?

For faster lighting, it is suggested that the initial load of pellet fuel be high enough to just cover the top layer of angled members. Perhaps 1/4 to 1/2" over the top layer is lots.

The first load of fuel is approximately 8 lbs (3.5 Kgs) Don't worry about being exact. After the fire has been burning for approximately 1 to 2 hours, just add an additional scoop (about ½ to 1 lbs). As you gain experience with your stove, you'll learn better how to regulate fuel & air intake.

How do I light?

As shown in our video, pour approximately 1/4 to 1/3 cup of gel type fire starter (available at most department and hardware stores) on the pellets. This will ignite the pellet fuel lying on the light tray. Open your damper (air intake control), securely close the fire box door.

How much heat will I get using this device?

As with any wood burning appliance, this is an inexact science. Heat produced will vary depending on the amount & frequency of pellet fuel added, how the damper is adjusted & on the individual stove. The heat produced is comparable to that of burning firewood & again, depending on variables, may be greater. You may notice how fuel nearest the components is burning hottest.

How long will the pellets last: will it burn all night?

The consumption of pellets will be highly dependent on specific stove type and personal temprature preference. Typically, you could expect to consume upwards of one bag per day. Other users I've spoken to use upwards of two bags because they love it hot! And yes, it is quite possible to load your stove late during the evening, and relight additional pellet fuel the next morning from the remaining embers. This will take some practice to get used to the burner, pellet fuel and how to load and regulate your stove.

Suggested method:
Get a good 'bed' of embers going as shown below.

Now add a good load of fresh fuel (approx 3 or 4 lbs). Secure the door and open your damper fully. Now let these pellets to burn well for about 15 minutes or until you're satisfied that the newly added pellets are burning well. Now reduce your air intake (damper). Each stove is unique so you'll have to experiment. Closing the damper too much may cause smoking and may extinguish your fire. If the damper is too open, the fire will burn quicker.

Will it fit my wood-stove?

The device is 12" wide by 12" deep. This size has been chosen as it fits most wood stove openings. Just check the firebox opening to ensure it will accommodate that size device.

What are pellets made of?

Pellets are made completely of "waste" wood. Only sawdust and wood chips (as a result of lumber mills, furniture making and other wood processing operations) go into the manufacturing of pellets. No trees are killed for the purpose of making pellets. No chemicals are added to the wood material. Natural components in the wood allow the pellet to take and hold it's shape.