The Bradley Burner lets you burn clean, environmently friendly pellet fuel in your current airtight wood stove or fireplace insert. The Bradley Burner doesn't contain the fuel: It works from within the mound of pellets, allowing air to enter the pile for complete combustion. The stainless steel design (measuring 12 inches by 12 inches) allows combustion gases to flow throughout, to penetrate, and 'cook' the fuel.


A simple yet extremely effective solution. Set into position, load, light & enjoy! Finally, a way of burning a clean, convenient, environmentally friendly fuel in a normal wood-stove! Wood-stoves have been in use for hundreds of years, but stove wood is so labour intensive and messy. Think of the millions of trees cut every year that go up in smoke.

Pellet stoves are good, but they're a big investment and are expensive to convert. The perfect solution? The Bradley Burner allows you to use a normal wood stove, and enjoy all the benefits of wood pellets as well. Pellets are made predominately from "waste" wood. Sawdust and wood chips (as a result of lumber mills, furniture making and other wood processing operations) go into the manufacturing of pellets.